How To Find A Qualified Electrician For A Music Studio

Finding a qualified electrician for work you need done in your music studio is an extremely important endeavor.

There are a lot of shady characters out there, and stories of scams and overcharges are commonplace. Furthermore, you want to make sure to hire the most qualified company for the job – this is your music studio, and the last thing you want are the risks that come along with substandard work. Faulty wiring and poor workmanship pose fire hazards and can cause damage to your amplifiers, sound boards and other musical equipment.

These are some guidelines for how to find a qualified electrician (and these apply to most other types of contractors as well).

Make sure they are a licensed electrician.

The very first thing you want to make sure of before choosing an electrical contractor in Perth for example, is to make sure they are licensed. There are tests that must be taken, and minimum experience is required before someone can be called a master electrician or be licensed. This licensing means they understand national and local codes, keep up to dates with any changes, and changes in technology, and that they are qualified to repair, design, and maintain electrical systems. Even a journeyman electrician (one who is otherwise qualified, but not yet licensed as a master electrician) can’t install wiring and equipment.

Make sure they are bonded and insured.

If something goes wrong – and sometimes things do, you want to make sure that the electrician you hire is bonded and insured. If they have a habit of doing bad work, they won’t be able to afford to have those qualifications, and you want to make sure that they can pay for any damages caused.

Make sure they have all relevant permits.

Make sure they have all applicable permits before hiring any contractor at all. If they have the permits – which means that their work has been checked by building inspectors), it’s a good indication that you have a solid candidate for your business.

Choose the right electrician for the Job.

You probably don’t want to choose an electrician who specializes in new construction to work on your old studio. The same goes for if you’re looking for an electrician to wire your sound room who usually just handles remodels. Each type of work has specific techniques and very specialized knowledge and experience required. If you’re looking to make your studio more ‘green,’ make sure to find an electrician who specializes in that, as that’s an area that requires constant knowledge upkeep as technology progresses.

Ask friends, neighbors, and other contractors for recommendations.

Any electrician that provides great work and great service will have a following. Contractors that you trust – people who have done other work on other studio’s before and have done it well – make great resources for finding other contractors. High-quality businesses only associate with other high-quality businesses. It’s simply common sense. Your colleagues may have had work done and were pleased with who they had, and you should ask around for their opinions as well.

Leonard Cohen Passes Away At 82

Today, the world mourns the passing on of Leonard Cohen, a famous Canadian poet, musician and songwriter who died at the age of 82. Coincidentally, this news comes just a few days after the release of You Want It Darker, his latest album.

The real cause of his death is not yet clear, however the influential Canadian singer/song writer was described by journalists as “in poor health” during the launch of his latest album on 21st October.

The news was announced by his official Facebook earlier today. Tributes for the late talented musician has been pouring in, with Justin Truedeau, Canadian prime minister saying that Cohen will be fondly remembered for his self-deprecating humor, his haunting lyrics and his gruff vocals that made his music perennial favorite of many generations across the world.

John Lissauer, the Hallelujah producer told BBC radio 4 that Cohen was a hardworking musician who made himself an iconic figure. He further added that the singer’s duration was so amazing and he was always devoted and consistent to his work and this made him leave behind a legacy of devotion in performance and recording.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, recording Label Sony Music said that Cohen was unparalleled musician whose amazing body of original work was embraced all over the world by generation of artists and fans alike. Sony Music Canada family joins the family, friends and the world at large in mourning the fallen artist.

Elsewhere in other nwo information alternative news in the United Kingdom, the Takamine Guitars will be hitting the road in a few coming days with a series of master-classes across Ireland and the United Kingdom featuring Stuart Ryan.

Stuart is regarded as one of the finest finger style guitarists in the world. He has shared stage with the world’s greatest acoustic players including martin Taylor and Jon Gomm.

In addition to several media outlets round the globe, his music has featured on BBC and channel 4 television. Ryan is known by guitarist around the world thanks to his Guitarist Presents Acoustic magazines and his regular column in Guitar Techniques.

Ryan will use these exclusive master-classes for Takamine Guitar to guide you through the approaches to warm-ups and practice, getting familiar to altered turnings and DADGAD as well as building and developing arrangements for a solo guitar, and also some thrilling performance pieces that cover a wide range of stales from across the world.

All those who show up will be given a free gift pack of goodies that include a KORG turner, Takamine wearable among others.